For over five years, has had the privilege of printing for artists, professional photographers and photo enthusiasts alike. We have observed amazing talent come to us for expertly-crafted digital print solutions. The next frontier for us has always been out there, visible, but slightly out of reach. How could we connect lovers of fine art, interior designers and people with a discerning eye for color with some of the great talent we already support?

And So it Begins…

The answer grew, as most great ideas do, from an organic collaboration. We were introduced to Sebastian Michaels, the visionary behind such leading publications as Living the Photo Artistic Life and Quill and Camera.

Sebastian’s depth of creativity is only rivaled by his unending encouragement and support for his on-line community members and Photoshop Artistry courses such as Fine Art Grunge Composition, Photoshop Artistry and his more advanced AWAKE course.

As good fortune would have it, one of our tenured employees and Photoshop World Guru Award Winner, Paul Bartell, signed up for the Fine Art Grunge Composition course. Within only a few days his excitement was brimming and Paul explained the wealth of support and knowledge he was gaining, including course materials such as textures and brushes. He was eager to apply his new creative skills working on fresh creations. For a guy who works on retouching high-end fashion photography assets all day, wanting to come home and fire up Photoshop for another 3-4 hours really said how special this course was!

An Education in Artistry

In the following weeks, Paul shared more with me about the course, the fantastic on-line community on the AWAKE Facebook page, and the carefully curated images featured in the monthly Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine. This is when we knew that we had tapped into a passionate talent pool that would give us the level of image resources we had always been looking for.

We struck up a month-long exchange with Sebastian getting to know him better and learned about the “value add” he wanted to provide his many thousands of students and social media followers. Beyond exceptional printing for artists and art lovers, we wanted to create an art community. The idea was becoming clear: develop a clean, visually appealing platform for artists across the world to upload, share and sell their amazing creations.

We wanted to aspire to an engaging, uncluttered experience. Curated and carefully screened artists assuring that only quality works with proper resolution are available for sale. Sebastian’s mission from the very beginning was to provide this platform as a free service to his students and followers. Not some ad-supported, fee-driven, pop-up littered site or a generic page that lets people order anything from canvas prints to shower curtains, tote-bags and coffee mugs.

Highest Quality Printing for Artists, Now for Art Enthusiasts, too! 

This is where the ownership group and our talented in-house Technology Team stepped up and decided to invest. After many weeks of collaborative discussion and late night emails crackling with ideas and concepts, we arrived at what is now The name, (pronounced ART BO-JAH) is derived from the Bosnian word BOJA, meaning COLOUR.

Everything here at Artisan Colour is based on the most accurate output and reproduction of any image we handle. ArtBoja is a fitting nod to our 18-year legacy of retouching, color managing, pre-press and digital output.

Artisan Colour shared, “I am thrilled to join the expertise of our company’s fine art production capabilities with the creative works of the Awake artists & friends. Bringing a beautifully curated digital gallery of original fine art to the community is a unique endeavor that came together serendipitously on behalf of many enthusiastic minds and offers art enthusiasts an exciting new channel to purchase fine art which was previously inaccessible.”

-Doug Bondon, President and Co-founding Partner

As the site began taking shape, we invited four of Sebastian’s top students to submit their works and start building their exclusive Artist Homepages with bios and links to their other social media sites. It was important to let people know that behind each image on the site, a passionate, talented artist stands ready and willing to share his or her creations with the world including the venerable Artisan Colour’s fastidious reproduction of their amazing work.

Since that initial soft launch in August 2016 with four artists and about 40 images, we now host over 650 individual contributors – featuring over 3400 images – from all over the world. Australia, New Zealand, all across Europe and North and South America are represented. This true international collection of talent gives you access to an unparalleled universe of décor and design options. For those of you who love to PIN, please be sure to check out our “Best of ArtBoja” Pinterest board!


So go ahead and indulge, dive in, explore and enjoy. High quality digital printing for artists is now at your finger tips! Maybe you’re just browsing for inspiration or you have a plan for a space. Whatever the case may be, you now have access to some of the best digital assets from around world, ready to ship to your front door in as little as 5-7 days.

Welcome to the colorful world of!