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Category: Technology

In this category you’ll find information related to printing and technology. Learn about the different technologies and printers we use for various print products. For example, the Cannon Colorado Gel-Ink printer or the process for creating metal prints. Get tips for how to prepare your image files for the best printing results. You can also read about the smartphone camera vs. digital camera debate and get tips for taking better pictures with your phone.

Acrylic Print Mounting and How to Hang Your Final ArtisanHD Masterpiece!

Acrylic glass, a generic term for poly methyl methacrylate (PMMA) is a hard clear plastic, commonly known by the brand names "Plexiglass", "Lucite", or "Perspex". At ArtisanHD, we take great pride in our acrylic print mounting process. It's rather technical, and serious skill and attention to detail is required.

From paper prints to digital: Catalog Spree offers a new way to shop through iPad

Padopolis has developed an iPad app called Catalog Spree. The free download offers consumers a brand new way to shop multiple catalogs in one source, much like you would when visiting a traditional brick and mortar mall or flipping through paper prints. The app lets you view product information and order directly from each company's [...]

Create on the move, there’s an iPhone app for that

Undoubtedly, you have seen Apple's commercials promoting the many applications (apps) you can buy to do a variety of things on the iPhone. What you may not know, is that apps are not just for nifty games and sending digital postcards to your family and friends. There are many apps that can be used to [...]

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