We recently did some work for an artist in Colorado, Adrian Hanft. Adrian has been a customer of ours for years. He is one of the many people that find us on the web and we do business over the phone or email and have never had the pleasure of meeting in person. Unfortunately, that means that many times we don’t know what the end use is for the prints we make. So we were pleased to learn that the prints we produced for him wound up being displayed in a show he had at the beginning of January. It sounds like the show was a great success. Congrats to Adrian! To see pictures of the event check out Adrian’s blog. Be sure to read his artist’s statement. To see more of his photography work you can also check out his photo blog Found Photography.

Adrian is also the co-founder of a very cool blog Be A Design Group. Along with 4 other authors and a handful of contributors, they have posted some great information, resources, and podcasts about the graphic design industry.