If you happen to find yourself with some time to spare at the Tucson Airport there is more for you to do than just read a magazine while you are waiting for your flight. James Cowlin along with photographer Tom Kiefer currently have an exhibit at the airport gallery entitled Go West: One Road, Two Visions. Both artists tell the a story of the West from very different viewpoints. While Jim focuses on vast sweeping iconic Western landscapes, Tom concentrates how man altered and changed these locations.

The show is on display through the end of March 2009. If you won’t be flying out of Tucson during that time you can still ‘visit’ the exhibit online. We were happy to lend a hand by printing Jim’s Historic Route 89 images used for the exhibit.

As story tellers with cameras, Tom Kiefer and I may seem to be worlds apart. The paradoxical juxtaposition you see in this exhibition should not hide the passion we each bring to our work and the commitment to truth and beauty as we see it.