Boyce Thompson Arboretum is a 32 acre oasis located due East of Phoenix in Superior, Arizona. Their goal is to instill an appreciation for plants through research, conservation, and education. They also have an active art program in their visitor center. Each month they feature the work of a new artist. In January, it will be the photography of Timm Chapman.

Timm’s polar bear images entitled Lords of the Arctic will be on display the entire month of January. His shots are gorgeous, and also thought provoking. They highlight the beauty of these majestic creatures, and also their struggle for survival in a shrinking environment. Timm generously donates a portion of each sale from this collection to Polar Bears International.

Timm will also be leading a 3 hour ‘texture walk’ at the arboretum on January 17th. He will be talking about photography techniques and offering tips on how to improve composition and utilize the natural textures of desert plant life. Contact Boyce Thompson Arboretum if you wish to attend.

This month marks the first official start of Winter — how appropriate that images of polar bears and stark landscapes will grace the walls of the visitor center gallery at Boyce Thompson Arboretum during January. Pinal County resident and professional photographer Timm Chapman will be featured with a solo exhibition, and he’ll also teach a class January 17 for a dozen pre-registered students.

“The Arboretum show will feature a variety of my images including shots from the Lords of the Arctic series which captures the great Polar Bear on the tundra of Northern Canada,” said Chapman, whose photography manages to encompass dramatic landscapes — and also intimate spaces.