ChromaLuxe aluminum panels are a print option that boasts durable, vibrant print projects on a long-lasting metal substrate. These high-definition prints can be used for artwork, signage, and more and are quickly becoming a popular option for fine art printing.  

Chromaluxe Aluminum panels on the wall

By breathing new life into fine art printing, ChromaLuxe gives artists and consumers a stunning new option for prints that may be better suited to their desired style or the environment the image will be hung in. 

 To understand the vast improvements that ChromaLuxe is making on art printing, you’ll need to know: 

  • How ChromaLuxe prints are made. 
  • The features of high-definition and modern design. 
  • What makes ChromaLuxe so durable. 
  • The unique print properties of ChromaLuxe. 
  • Why ChromaLuxe is particularly suited for making art you can interact with. 

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How Is ChromaLuxe Made? 

 It all starts in proprietary software that preps the image file. Once the file is ready, it is first printed on paper with dye-sublimation inks. In the meantime, the printing tech prepares the metal surface of the aluminum panel, then places the print over the aluminum panel and applies a thermal protective layer to the paper print. The magic happens when a heated press transfers the ink directly onto the aluminum. 

 The reveled result is a brilliant, high-definition image in a glossy or matte finish.  

 Due to the way the dye-sublimation coating adheres to the metal, the surface of ChromaLuxe prints is perfectly sealed, leaving an impenetrable surface. 

High-Def Design with ChromaLuxe Aluminum Panels

Dye-sublimation printing is the key to the vibrant, high-definition look of ChromaLuxe prints. Dye-sublimation is a way of transferring ink directly into the medium it is being printed on. Heat vaporizes the ink and it reforms on the substrate — which in the case of ChromaLuxe, is an aluminum panel. This results in the true-to-design brilliance the metal photo panels are known for. 

Paired with the intensely high-definition images that ChromaLuxe is capable of creating is the modern, frameless look of the aluminum art panels. When used with a museum back to hang the print, the sharp angles of the panel stand out from the mounting surface for an impressive and bold artistic presence. 

Chromaluxe Aluminum Panels on the wall

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In addition to being durable, metal prints give your photos a luxurious and modern feel. Download the Ultimate Guide to Printing on Metal to get started.

ChromaLuxe lets Art Get Big and Bold 

 ChromaLuxe lets printers go wild in the scope of creating a design. In fact, ArtisanHD produces ChromaLuxe prints up to 8 feet wide! 

 But those prints are restricted to a large rectangle. Using routers, printing techs can cut ChromaLuxe panels into custom shapes. This makes it an ideal medium for signage that is unique and memorable. 

Art You Can Interact With  

Chromaluxe Aluminum Panel for birdsThanks to its durable nature and easy-to-clean surface, ChromaLuxe panels are the type of art that you can interact with. Fingerprints won’t stain it and being wet won’t tear it apart. Point to it, lean against it, hang and rehang it a dozen times – ChromaLuxe can take it. 

And it can take the cleaning it requires once it’s been interacted with. Wipe away fingerprints and germs without any concern that disinfectants will damage the image. Cleaners are safe to use on ChromaLuxe prints, which makes them ideal for locations like hospitals or hotels that need to clean them up every now and again. 

4 Ways ChromaLuxe Aluminum Panels Improve Fine Art Printing

 ChromaLuxe is a game-changer for defining style and providing alternatives for more durable high-definition fine art prints because: 

  1. Thanks to its proprietary printing process that combines metal, dye-sublimation ink, and a polymer coating, ChromaLuxe creates high-definition prints with a permanence rating of 65 years. 
  2. The heat transfer process in dye-sublimation printing provides uniquely vibrant results, which makes for brilliant glossy or matte prints with unmatched depth. 
  3. Custom size metal prints and unique shapes are possible. Signs and decorative art find a great medium in using ChromaLuxe for large, custom pieces. 
  4. They can also be cleaned safely, making them ideal for highly trafficked areas like medical offices, education institutions, and hotels. 

Print ChromaLuxe Aluminum Art Panels with ArtisanHD  

  If you’re looking for a way to get standout high-definition prints on a durable surface, consider ChromaLuxe aluminum panels. When you opt to print on ChromaLuxe with ArtisanHD, you also get experienced partners in the print process who know the technology and process of making ChromaLuxe shine.   

Start your ChromaLuxe order today! 

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