ArtisanHD is a fine art print shop based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. This year we were excited to host another big giveaway for one lucky winner. The winner would be taking home a free art print (size and materials of their choice) valuing at $400! With over a thousand entries, only one would be able to take home the prize!

“A client I have been working with over the years also uses Artisan for their printing and I had always wondered where they got the prints from. They recommended Artisan and I immediately went to take a tour of the facility (which is awesome by the way!)” -Peter Coskun

And the giveaway winner is…

Our randomly selected giveaway winner was nature photographer, Peter Coskun. With careful consideration, Peter decided to go with a very vibrant and colorful photograph of his to be printed.

Peter Coskun Giveaway Photo Choice by ArtisanHD Print Shop


And what a great choice it was. Peter decided to go with a 20″x30″ Trulife Acrylic non-glare print on FujiFlex photo paper.

This is a great choice of paper for this particular image as the FujiFlex media offers rich depth and an extremely high-glossy finish. This combination also creates a 3D illusion in one’s photograph.

The reason this combo worked so well with this photo was due to the vibrant colors Peter was able to capture. It really made the entire art print just POP. We were super thrilled with the final product and we hope our winner was as well!

Meet The Artist – Peter Coskun

01. How did you get started in photography?

Peter Coskun Portrait Print Shop Giveaway Winner ArtisanHDI took a photography class my junior year of high school. I didn’t think much of it, just thought it might be fun and maybe easy. It was the last year they were using film cameras, so it ended up being a little more challenging than I thought it would be. I managed to pass the class, even though for years I still didn’t know the difference between shutter and aperture. A few years later, I picked up a digital camera to take photos of my friends and such and found myself gravitating more to being outdoors and using natural light for my subjects.

02. What gravitated you towards landscape photography?

When I finally transitioned to a DSLR camera I wanted the biggest lens I could afford. I ended up spending a few years focusing primarily on photographing birds and wildlife. After a trip to Yellowstone, I realized I didn’t really take many images of the beautiful landscape. That’s when I began to pay a little more attention to the landscapes around me. In 2012, during my first solo venture to photograph landscapes specifically, I traveled to California’s Eastern Sierra region and it was clear that this would be what I wanted to continue focusing on.

03. What camera/equipment do you use?

I currently use a Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 as my main camera with an assortment of lenses. Currently, I have the Tamron 15-30mm f2.8, Sigma 24-105 f4 art, Canon 70-200 f4L, and Sigma 150-600mm C.

04. As a photographer, do you believe printing out your work is valuable?

I think printing one’s image is the final step of the photographic process. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing an image you took bigger than how you saw it on the back of the camera. Printing big is the most satisfying. After all, the cameras these days have so much resolution they are meant to create big beautiful prints!

05. How did you discover ArtisanHD?

A few friends of mine had recommended ArtisanHD before. A client I have been working with over the years also uses Artisan for their printing and I had always wondered where they got the prints from. They recommended Artisan and I immediately went to take a tour of the print shop (which is awesome by the way!).

It was a great experience having that personal touch getting a behind the scenes look, which I have not gotten from any other print shop or print lab. After a little research, I found Artisan on social media and began following them. Once I saw they were doing a giveaway I knew I had to enter (who wouldn’t want a free print!?) and to my surprise, my name was chosen for the print giveaway (thanks again!).

More Than A Print Shop, We’re Artisan.

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