Turn Your Custom Prints into a Work of Art this Holiday

Sure, there are the lights, Santa Cut-outs and lots of garland and mistletoe. But for those of you who wish to add something a bit more unique, we have the answer!

Custom Prints on Acrylic Plexiglass

Double-sided print, back-lit translucent art.

One of our clients had a great idea: why not make use of natural light in windows to give a festive, warm feeling to the room? Sounds easy, right? Well, maybe on paper. But, as Steve soon realized, there are many steps to consider before adding these accent pieces to your home or office.

As always, it starts with a good image. In this case, most of the custom prints were of photographic quality and we had no issue producing a beautiful print.

One Group of Unruly Reindeer Gave Us a Bit of a Challenge…

The file was never intended to be reproduced on a large scale. A postcard? Sure, no problem (in fact, the image was a scan from a Holiday card, dated back to 2005). But a 2’ x 5’ translucent insert, printed on 1/4” acrylic plexi-glass was a completely different Christmas Story.

Direct Print to Acrylic plexiglass

Restored Image from 10-year old scan.

Our team of digital restoration elves worked hard to slowly increase the file resolution, clarity and saturation to allow us to print on a large scale. Once the files were print ready, we did a bit of in-house testing to check the transparency levels of the ink. Then came the next challenge: the custom prints were to be double-sided. This way, the warmth and beauty of those prints were not only visible from the inside, but also from the exterior of the home.

We used a process called Color-White-Color to produce completely reversible images – visible from either side. The first layer was the full color image. Then we added a layer of white ink with just a touch of transparency, since the white ink in our UV-Cured Ink-set is rather opaque. After the white layer was applied, we added another layer (in reverse) directly on top of it. This allowed the image to be perfectly balanced, back-to-back, and deliver the punch of color we needed.

As you can see in the pictures, the ambient light from the outside is plenty bright to give these custom prints a beautiful glow.

But what about at night, you ask? Well, our customer wondered the same thing, so we reached out to one of our connections in the lighting industry. They recommended an LED light-bar system to shine from below, giving the print a stunning glow, even in the most silent of nights.

Restored Image - Double-sided print, backlit by natural light - Custom Prints direct to acrylic plexiglass

Restored Image – Double-sided print, back-lit image by natural light.

“Print Partner” Approach Makes Artisan Colour / ArtisanHD Different

There are lots of websites that will print your image on a few select stocks, sometimes in pre-determined sizes, forcing you to pick and choose.

We don’t believe in limiting our clients’ creativity and we pride ourselves as a “Solution Provider.”  This also explains why we don’t have a price list on our website. Until you upload an image and tell us exactly what YOU want, we don’t know what it will cost. But as soon as you do have an image that just begs to be printed, you simply upload that file, configure it to your liking and the price will update automatically as you make changes to the out-put.

There’s never an obligation to buy and our convenient preview interface (placing your art over a standard 6’ wide couch) allows you to picture the print in scale! And if you have an image ready to print, we urge you to place your order between 11/20/2015 and 12/7/2015 to take advantage of our 25% OFF Cyber Monday Deal!

(Standard product only, guaranteed delivery by 12/22 on any orders placed on or before 12/7)

For those of you who wish to send us a challenge, like Steve from Chandler, AZ, we encourage you to upload an image to our Custom Order portal, then send us the file and brief description of what you have in mind. As Artisans, we’ll do our best to deliver the perfect present and make your holiday dreams come true!