One thing I love about the CBS Sunday Morning News is that every week they will run a feature on an artist. It could be a musician, a painter, or in this case past musician and very talented photographer: Gregory Crewdson.

You have probably seen Gregory’s fine art photography work even if you did not realize it. If Gregory’s work looks like an out take of a movie you may have seen, or a dream that you can’t quite recall, that is not an accident.

A 40 Man Crew + 8×10 Large Format Camera + Twilight Lighting

Crewdon’s shoots take on epic proportions. A crew of 40 people spend hours composing each shot in order to capture that one surreal glimpse into the imaginary world Crewdson creates. Most of his shots are taken at twilight to add to the eerie dream-like feel.

Gregory Crewdson lining up a shot in his Hasselblad Sinar 8x10 large format camera.

Gregory Crewdson lining up a shot in his Hasselblad Sinar 8×10 large format camera.
Image of Gregory Crewdson via Wikipedia used under Creative Commons with Attribution as requested by Photographer Christopher Peterson.

Crewdson shoots his scenes on 8×10 sheet film which are then scanned so his photographic images can be refined and enhanced digitally. Gregory then makes 7′ foot large format fine art prints out of his well-crafted, albeit creepy photographic images.

Video Interview

About Gregory Crewdson’s Inspiration and Process

During an exhibition of his “Beneath the Roses” (2003-2008) photographic collection, Epson caught up with renowned Fine Art Photographer Gregory Crewdson to learn more about his unique photographic process. Epson has kindly shared this great insightful look into Gregory’s photographic process with the public in the great video interview we’ve shared below.

Gregory shares how he not only is inspired to create these amazing high-quality, extremely-detailed images, but also shares how he then prints his large format fine-art photography projects for his art exhibits and art shows using his Epson Stylus Pro 11880 professional large-format-printer.

“We print these images in large format at this size because it’s like… Well to me it’s like a picture window”.

– Gregory Crewdson, as to why he prints his fine art images large format

Without a doubt, when you’re faced with a 7 foot print – there is nothing to get in between you the viewer and the art, allowing you, the viewer, to construct a story for yourself from the artwork on display.

In this way, Crewdson’s work is similar to ink blots… Since more questions than answers are presented in the large format prints of the photographic images Gregory Crewdson creates – each can have a thousand different interpretations, depending on the individual viewer.