Finding the perfect over-the-couch painting or stairwell image collection is difficult. Why not use your own artwork to create custom photo collage wall art? Whether you gather shots of vacations past or portraits of your kids, designing a photo collage gives you creative control over your interior artwork.

How to Pick High-Resolution Photos

Smartphone vs. Digital Camera taking a picture with a smartphone webHow a photo looks on a camera or a phone screen and how it will look when printed 12” tall on a canvas can vary drastically. When you choose photos to enlarge for a photo collage wall art project, use these tips and tricks to get the best results from your own photo-taking skills.

  1. Use a camera with high enough megapixels to take high-quality work. Most flagship phones have at least 10 megapixels. High-quality cameras have 20-50.
  2. If your camera has an option to manually adjust for lighting, learn how to use it. Auto settings can only take you so far.
  3. If possible, increase focal length with a longer lens. If you are using a smartphone, consider a snap-on lens.
  4. If you’re working with RAW files, get some software that can help you process the photo.
  5. Calculate the biggest size you can get from a file. PPI is the measurement of how many pixels—photo building blocks—per inch are printed. Aim for 150-300 PPI. Multiply the length and width of the desired printed project each by desired PPI. This gives you a resolution measurement. If your photo meets or exceeds it, it will enlarge well during printing.

Tip: When you work with a professional printer, they can tell you if your photo is high-quality enough to enlarge for printing. ArtisanHD’s custom online print ordering system can even analyze the size of your digital photo or art file and tell you before you order if it’s high enough quality for the size you want to print.

By taking some extra time to photograph and process files, you can end up with high-resolution work that is ready to take its place on your wall as custom art.

Options for Printing

ArtisanHD Wall Art Gallery Clusters and Splits – Cluster 4 – Family Portraits Wall Art Collage

Not only is the content of your custom photo collage totally up to you, but the form of it is also. When you work with a professional printer like ArtisanHD, we offer many options to get the look you want for your collage.

Each style of print can be made to your custom dimensions. Create a 3 x 3 wall of all the same size or mix and match sizes for  visually compelling photo collage wall art.

Once you have a space that will fit the photos you selected, start brainstorming a theme and design. Plot it out on your wall with tape or craft paper cutouts to know exactly the sizes you would like to order.

ArtisanHD is ready to help you find styles and sizes that will work for you!


A classic option for family-friendly portraiture is an unframed canvas. These typically stand an inch or two off the wall with the image hand-wrapped around the edges. Bright, vibrant, and immediate, canvas prints are an accessible option for families to print up their photos and easily hang them.

Framed and Matted

Another classic option that goes in and out of style is framed and matted photos. In recent years, monochrome frames with contrasting matting have become popular. Matching the tone and color of the frame and matte to the colors of the images in the photo collage is one way to signal a cohesive collection amidst them all. ArtisanHD can help you choose frames for the prints we produce.

ChromaLuxe Metal Split Cluster Prints ArtisanHDMetal Prints

Metal prints are a unique way to give your prints a long life and shimmering touch. Prints are created by injecting ink directly into metal or curing ink with UV light during the printing process. With Dibond prints, the metal surface shows through lighter portions of the print, lending an artistic, metallic look to your photos.

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic prints are another option for long-lasting, realer-than-life color prints. These waterproof, UV-resistant prints offer a glossy finish and modern style for your artwork or photography.

Have ArtisanHD Print Your Photo Collage Wall Art

Photo collage wall art is a great way to integrate your personal images into the artwork of your interior design.

With many options for print style and size, choose something that matches your decor and gives you the high-resolution quality your photos deserve. We can print the photos in large format poster size for you, and even help you select the right material to print on.

Do you have a favorite photo that you’d like to see larger than life on your own wall? Make your home decor more personal by showcasing your own personal art when you arrange your custom photo collage wall print!

Reach out to ArtisanHD to learn more today at 1.877.948.0009 or

Blog Updated May 24, 2021