Do you have a blank wall that could use a new look? Or maybe you just need to freshen up your current art arrangement. This excerpt from an article on can help you out, or give you some inspiration to try a new design.

Designing and Hanging an Art Collage: By Shari Hiller

First, pull together items that have something in common. All-gold frames with black-and-white images would tie unlike subject matter together. Then, add a couple items with some dimension, like a gold wall sconce with a candle on it, or a gold framed mirror. Don’t overdo the variety so that the common thread of the grouping is lost.

Once the items have been collected, start arranging them in a space equal to the space available on the wall, but working on the floor. It’s very easy to move things around and get a feel for the overall effect when you can work in an open area on the floor.

Now, how does the collage get from floor to wall? Just grab a couple of brown paper grocery bags, a pencil and a pair of scissors…